Spurgeon On Loving Sinners

O ye that are now in the flock, think of the love of Christ to you when you were outside the fold; when you had no wish to return; when seeing him pursuing you, you only ran faster to escape his almighty love!  Notwithstanding all my rebellion, and all my wilful transgression, he still loved […]

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Thick Communities and The Future of The Church

“Most of us do not live in thick communities.  My contention is that if we do not develop these communities, then our faith, over a generation or two, will be lost. Modernity is that corrosive of the faith’s foundations.”  Rod Dreher More here: (a useful summary of Dreher’s ideas and response to critique: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/noah-the-benedict-option/)

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The Next Culture War – Rod Dreher

by ROD DREHER: David Brooks points out that orthodox Christians have lost the culture war decisively, and ponders three futures for our tribe. Excerpt: The Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision landed like some sort of culminating body blow onto this beleaguered climate. Rod Dreher, author of the truly outstanding book “How Dante Can Save Your Life,” […]

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The Church In Exile

Carl Trueman writes: The Christian church on earth is always, in a sense, in exile. Whatever the incidental identities of her members may be—whether of nationality, race, class, or gender—their ultimate identity is that they are in Christ and belong to him. Compared to the ephemeral categories that human cultures have created for distinguishing one […]

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