Thick Communities and The Future of The Church

“Most of us do not live in thick communities.  My contention is that if we do not develop these communities, then our faith, over a generation or two, will be lost. Modernity is that corrosive of the faith’s foundations.”  Rod Dreher More here: (a useful summary of Dreher’s ideas and response to critique:

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The Next Culture War – Rod Dreher

by ROD DREHER: David Brooks points out that orthodox Christians have lost the culture war decisively, and ponders three futures for our tribe. Excerpt: The Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision landed like some sort of culminating body blow onto this beleaguered climate. Rod Dreher, author of the truly outstanding book “How Dante Can Save Your Life,” […]

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The Church In Exile

Carl Trueman writes: The Christian church on earth is always, in a sense, in exile. Whatever the incidental identities of her members may be—whether of nationality, race, class, or gender—their ultimate identity is that they are in Christ and belong to him. Compared to the ephemeral categories that human cultures have created for distinguishing one […]

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Something Greater Than Marriage

Rosaria Butterfield & Christopher Yuan write: The Supreme Court of the United States of America has made gay marriage legal in all 50 states, and much of our country celebrates. The world with its rainbow flags waving proudly and plentifully was our world. We locked arms with our LGBT loved ones and friends and believed they were […]

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The Feast of Dedication and a Possible Resurrection Motif in John 10:22-39

The discussion regarding Jesus’ relationship with the Father in John 10:22ff happens, according to the Johannine author (v.22), against the backdrop of the Feast of Dedication (or Hannukah).  This editorial note by John is quite possibly a deliberate parallel reference to the resurrection of Jesus.  If this is the case then it sheds further light […]

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